Real human interaction still preferred over texting, email and social media, according to survey

For every electronic device or method we use as humans, in an effort to communicate with other humans, the desire to interact face to face still beats them all according to a poll conducted for Axios.

Across all age groups, the preference for in-person communication easily outpaces texting, phone calls, email, social media and video chat. The survey of 1,820 U.S. adults was conducted by Survey Monkey for the television series “Axios on HBO.”

Forty-two percent of adults say they prefer real human interaction, while 21 percent choose texting, 16 percent choose phone call, 15 percent choose email, 2 percent choose social media, and 1 percent choose video chat.

The desire to text is highest among 18-34 year olds, at 28 percent, and lowest among those 65 and older, at 13 percent.

And despite the fact that it looks like all young people do nothing but post on Instagram or watch YouTube videos, the 65-and-older set nudges above all others in the poll when it comes to social media as a preference, at 3 percent.

The under-18 crowd is where the digital diehards are, according to a different survey released this summer that found that 45 percent of teens say they’re online almost constantly and 95 percent have access to a smartphone.

Don’t text me. We can talk more about this in person sometime.

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