Report: Amazon is namely to blame as parents stop naming kids Alexa

Report: Amazon is namely to blame as parents stop naming kids Alexa

“Alexa, STOP!” What number of instances have you ever shouted that after unintentionally waking a voice-enabled Amazon gadget? Now think about being the mother or father of a human named Alexa who is making an attempt to coexist along with your good audio system.

That messy 2021 actuality — and extra critical points with the identify — has apparently led to a drop-off within the variety of infants being named Alexa, seven years after Amazon selected the identify for its synthetic intelligence new child.

The Atlantic has an interesting new report this week on how “Amazon killed the identify Alexa.”

The rise in reputation of Amazon’s Echo and different voice-enabled units coincides with a steep decline within the variety of American infants named Alexa as the identify turned slightly ubiquitous. Alexa joins different names which fell out of favor after their affiliation modified — such as Hillary, after Hillary Clinton turned first girl.

And whereas sharing a product identify won’t all the time be drawback, The Atlantic factors to how Alexa differs as a result of “Amazon turned it into a reputation for a feminine voice that does your bidding.” Youthful kids are reportedly being teased in school with an onslaught of instructions.

“Many parents [of Alexas] are altering their kids’ names or utilizing their center names as a result of it leads to simply horrendous bullying,” Laura Wattenberg, the founding father of the naming-trends web site Namerology, advised the journal.

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