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Residual Membership Video Upgrade

Residual Membership Video Upgrade -

Residual Membership Video Upgrade – A Step-by-Step Guild to Help You Build, Grow and Maintain Membership Sites.

By Upgrading Your PLR Package, You Will Get Instant Access to 16 Video Tutorials for Residual Membership, Ready-to-Go Upsell Sales Page, Plus Much More That Will Help You Bring More Sales to Your Campaigns.

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Here’s what you’ll find within this upgraded PLR package:

Module 1 – 19 Part HD Video Tutorial Course With PLR

Videos are the way to go these days as more and more users are more inclined to watch a video tutorial then to read a guide or a blog post. Having said that, even know that reading guides and blog posts are just as good, but video tutorials can explain it much better and most people are more visual.

With this video course, they’ll help make you more sales with better offers for your clients or customers as they’re all well sought-out and an awesome medium of instruction.

Each video has been designed in small chunks as some people tend to lose interest with long videos or just haven’t got the time in their day-to-day schedules. Therefore, keeping your customers satisfied and at the same time teaching them what they’re wanting to learn.

Module 2 – 19 Part MP3 Audio Course

This is the perfect compliment to the video tutorial course as this is the audio version. These are ideal for any of your customers who are wanting to complete this course on-the-go. As more and more people are busy with their day-to-day life’s this will be an, even more, as an incentive for your customers to make a purchase from you with these.

Within this audio course, you’ll get 19 individual MP3 files so you or your customers can learn step-by-step without losing their position if disturbed. They’re also great to put on physical objects such as CD’s and sell them offline by mailing them out. People love a physical product as they believe they’re getting more value, which they are in a way.

Module 3 – Upsell Sales Page, Thank You Page and Legal Pages

This high-converting upsell sales funnel page comes with complete graphics, all the sales pitch components and all the legal pages such as the terms, privacy, and disclaimer. You don’t have to write anything yourself or pay a copywriter over $500 to do this for you, it has all be done on our behalf.

Having this upsell section within your already purchased front-end product will get you, even more, sales and conversions. Not just this but it will save you huge amounts of time and hassles doing this yourself.

Module 4 – Affiliates Area with Marketing Material

One of the best ways to sell products like this is to have your own affiliates. And giving them their very own area with promotional marketing tools is your best way to go. That’s why I’m giving you this fully done-for-you affiliates. Since you purchased the front-end product, you’ll be able to use the banners and email swipes to give to your affiliates within this affiliates portal.

Module 5 – Persuasive Upsell Sales Video

This upgrade PLR package gives you a unique persuasive hypnotic sales video that’ll help you promote the above upsell sales letter you’ll receive within this overall bundle.

Having a sales video has been proven to help boost sales up to 90% and showing more results in conversions. Not only will you get the sales video but we’re going to give you the audio version, Powerpoint presentations, and transcript also.

Module 6 – Upsell Email Swipes

This is a collection of 5 upsell emails. These are ideal to send out to anyone who purchases the front end product but didn’t take the initial step in making the purchase of the upsell. These are great for people wishing they purchased the upsell but didn’t, and to send to them one of these emails is perfect for this.

Module 8 – Done-For-You Opt-in Squeeze Page

Giving away a free unique report or product is one of the best ways to get visitors onto your mailing list. They are compelled into entering their email to download the free item. All you have to do once they have subscribed is to send them stuff related to the product they downloaded such as your very own products or products you’re affiliated with. An ideal way to get more leads for future sales.

Module 9 – Emails for Your Upsell Autoresponder Follow-Up’s

This is a collection of 5 sequenced autoresponder emails that are ideal to follow-up with your customers for the upsell offer. These will help you make more sales down-the-track from customers who did not initially make a purchase when arriving at the upsell page. Not only this but by adding a series of email within your autoresponder, you’ll be able to build a relationship up with your new subscribers.

Module 10 – Professional Source Graphic Files

Within this upgrade PLR package, you’re going to get all the source graphics that have been used to create this upsell section of the product. Everything included, such as PSD, PNG and JPG file formats. All these graphics can be used as is or edited to your very own needs to be made unique again and stand out from the rest. Within this collection of upselling professional graphics, you’ll get all the DVD, PowerPoint covers, and artwork beautifully crafted and organized.

Module 11 – Featured Images For Social Media

Having hypnotic high-quality images for marketing makes people 10x more likely to click on a link to see your promotion. Within this package, you’ll receive 5 high-quality featured images to help with promoting this entire package.

Module 12 – License Package

You’ll get a full private label rights license that goes with this entire package for yourself.

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