Physicists Found Way Hear Dark Matter
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Revolutionary Way to Search for Elusive Dark Matter: “Hear” It Through “Axion Radio”

The researchers suggest a brand new instrument for looking darkish matter axions utilizing tunable plasmas. Illustration: Alexander Millar/Stockholm College

Physicists at Stockholm College and the Max Planck Institute for Physics have turned to plasmas in a proposal that might revolutionize the search for the elusive darkish matter.

Dark matter is a mysterious substance that makes up 85% of the matter within the universe. Initially launched to clarify why the Robust Power (which holds collectively protons and neutrons) is similar backwards and forwards in time, the so referred to as axion would supply a pure rationalization for darkish matter. Fairly than discrete particles, axion darkish matter would type a pervasive wave flowing all through area.

The axion is among the greatest explanations for darkish matter however has solely not too long ago been the main target of huge scale experimental effort. Due to this renaissance, there was a rush to give you new concepts for how to look for the axion in all of the areas the place it may very well be hiding.

“Discovering the axion is a bit like tuning a radio: you may have to tune your antenna till you decide up the correct frequency. Fairly than music, experimentalists could be rewarded with ‘listening to’ the darkish matter that the Earth is touring by means of. Regardless of being properly motivated, axions have been experimentally uncared for in the course of the three many years since they have been named by coauthor Frank Wilczek,” says Dr. Alexander Millar, Postdoctor on the Division of Physics, Stockholm College, and writer of the examine.

The important thing perception of the analysis crew’s new examine is that inside a magnetic area axions would generate a small electrical area that may very well be used to drive oscillations within the plasma. A plasma is a fabric the place charged particles, similar to electrons, can circulate freely as a fluid. These oscillations amplify the sign, main to a greater “axion radio.” In contrast to conventional experiments primarily based on resonant cavities, there’s nearly no restrict on how massive these plasmas could be, thus giving a bigger sign. The distinction is considerably just like the distinction between a walkie talkie and a radio broadcast tower.

“With out the chilly plasma, axions can not effectively convert into gentle. The plasma performs a twin position, each creating an surroundings which permits for environment friendly conversion, and offering a resonant plasmon to accumulate the power of the transformed darkish matter,” says Dr. Matthew Lawson, Postdoctor on the Division of Physics, Stockholm College, additionally writer of the examine.

“That is completely a brand new means to look for darkish matter, and can assist us search for one of many strongest darkish matter candidates in areas which can be simply utterly unexplored. Constructing a tuneable plasma would enable us to make a lot bigger experiments than conventional strategies, giving a lot stronger indicators at excessive frequencies,” says Dr. Alexander Millar.

To tune this “axion radio” the authors suggest utilizing one thing referred to as a “wire metamaterial,” a system of wires thinner than hair that may be moved to change the attribute frequency of the plasma. Inside a big, highly effective magnet, related to these utilized in Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines in hospitals, a wire metamaterial turns into a really delicate axion radio.

Looking for darkish matter with plasmas is not going to stay simply an fascinating thought. In shut collaboration with the researchers, an experimental group at Berkeley has been doing analysis and growth on the idea with the intent of constructing such an experiment within the close to future.

“Plasma haloscopes are one of many few concepts that might search for axions on this parameter area. The truth that the experimental group has latched onto this concept so rapidly may be very thrilling and promising for constructing a full scale experiment,” says Dr. Alexander Millar.

Reference: “Tunable Axion Plasma Haloscopes” by Matthew Lawson, Alexander J. Millar, Matteo Pancaldi, Edoardo Vitagliano, and Frank Wilczek, 1 October 2019, Bodily Overview Letters.
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.123.141802

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