Seattle startup HDT Bio raises $3M to support development of COVID-19 vaccine

[Update 2/16/21: HDT Bio announced an additional $3 million in seed financing, bringing the round, led by Zoic Capital, to $6 million. The funding will support the biotech company’s three key products going into clinical trials this year.]

Seattle-based biotech firm HDT Bio closed a seed round totaling roughly $3 million to support work on its COVID-19 vaccine candidate HDT-301.

Researchers from HDT Bio and the College of Washington in July revealed a rapid-release paper in the journal Science Translational Medicine reporting on promising early outcomes from the vaccine as examined in mice and non-human primates.

HDT Bio’s staff consists of scientists centered in earlier phases of analysis, and the brand new funding will enable them to add workers who’ve expertise in scientific illness trials, in accordance to the corporate.

HDT-301 is a cutting-edge, replicating RNA vaccine. In this approach to stopping sickness, the vaccine accommodates a string of RNA from the virus, which cells flip into protein, triggering an immune response. In conventional vaccines, the focused virus or pathogen is inactivated after which injected into the physique.

The vaccine consists of an ingredient referred to as a Lipid InOrganic Nanoparticle, or LION, which improves its stability, supply and immune response. LION was developed by HDT Bio.

Researchers are excited concerning the RNA vaccine technique as a result of it’s fast to develop and elicits a powerful immune response. The method, nonetheless, has by no means been cleared to be used in people.

The corporate is hoping to begin a scientific trial of the vaccine in human volunteers in Brazil this month, in accordance to Chief Working Officer Christopher Pirie. Trials within the U.S. and India might launch in November. Within the U.S., the research will happen in Seattle with Dr. Lisa Jackson, who can be the scientific investigator for Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine.

In September, HDT Bio introduced that it had acquired an $8.2 million contract from the Nationwide Institute of Allergy and Infectious Illness on the Nationwide Institutes of Well being to support its development of HDT-301.

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