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ShineOn 100k

ShineOn 100k
ShineOn 100k

ShineOn 100k –  the material in this course assumes that you are starting from square one with NO KNOWLEDGE of how to be successful with Print-On-Demand.

Here’s Everything You’ll Learn In ShineOn 100k 👇

  • Mindset secrets for overcoming lack of confidence, procrastination, perfectionism, or just simply not knowing what to do
  • Over-the-shoulder videos of the ShineOn Platform and features you may not know about
  • ​​The hidden anatomy of 6-figure products and campaigns
  • ​​Where the “money niches” are and how to target them
  • ​​The EXACT easy-to-follow DIRT SIMPLE process I use to consistently find 5 and 6-figure products
  • ​​The ONE SECRET to finding success with ShineOn POD that nobody talks about
  • ​​How to setup your foundations for success, including Facebook Business Manager, Facebook Pages, and more
  • ​​The magic formula to create winning phrases
  • ​​Examples and breakdowns of winning ShineOn products
  • ​​My top 3 research methods that will help you find winners easily
  • ​How to create designs with no skills, or how to outsource design for cheap
  • ​​How to use Facebook targeting to find buyers
  • ​​Secret pixel optimization hacks
  • ​Favorite testing methods that work TODAY

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