‘Siri, you’re wrong!’ Jimmy Fallon puts Streisand pronunciation to the test on ‘Tonight Show’


Turn down the “Yentl” soundtrack, we’ve got fresh Barbra Streisand news you need to hear.

On a promotional swing for her new album “Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway,” Streisand made a stop on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and retold her recent tale about how Apple’s voice-activated assistant gets the pronunciation of her name wrong.

Seems that Siri, probably like a good chunk of Streisand’s fanz, pronounces the second “s” — which is supposed to be soft — like a “z.” Streisand told Fallon that after 50 years in the business, people — and A.I. — should know how to say her name. So she called Apple CEO Tim Cook to lobby for a Siri tweak. Sure enough, Siri is due for an update on Sept. 30.

Fallon pulled out his iPhone (fast forward to 2:20 in video for where they start discussing her name) and put Siri to the test in front of the singer, and guest Alec Baldwin, who is featured on Streisand’s new album. When Siri said “Streizand,” Fallon let her have it.

“No, Siri, you are wrong! I’m sitting next to her right now,” Fallon said.

“Stupid Siri!” Baldwin barked at Fallon’s phone.


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