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Skydiver Baumgartner Makes Jump From 13 Miles Above Earth’s Surface


The daredevil skydiver Felix Baumgartner rode a pressurized capsule to an altitude of 71,580 ft, about 13.5 miles, located within the stratosphere, and jumped off. Baumgartner reached speeds of 364.4 mph, 534 ft per second, throughout his freefall that lasted 3:43.

The general time of his descent was 8:08. Baumgartner is the third individual in historical past to have jumped from such a top. The leap was a take a look at run for an additional leap he’ll do later this summer time, by which he plans to leap from 23 miles up, nearing the top of the stratosphere.


Baumgartner has carried out over 2,500 jumps in his profession and rode up in a pressurized capsule that was dangling from a 165-foot helium balloon for this one. The leap was a take a look at of the capsule, his pressurized swimsuit, and different techniques.

At that top, the temperature plummets to about -75˚F. When he jumps from 120,000 ft, Baumgartner expects to interrupt the velocity of sound and freefall for about 5.5 minutes. If profitable, he’ll beat Kittinger’s leap from 102,800 ft (19.5 miles) that was established in 1960.

The Purple Bull Stratos crew needs to interrupt three data which have stood for greater than 50 years. They embrace the best manned balloon flight, the primary individual to interrupt the velocity of sound in freefall and the longest freefall.

Baumgartner plans one other take a look at run at 90,000 ft earlier than trying 120,000 ft this summer time.


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