Smart helmet will give directions so motorcyclists can keep eyes on the road

In the present day in information about extremely sensible, helpful applied sciences comes this: A motorbike helmet that offers its driver navigation directions in the visor.

As Reuters reports, it was developed by Russian engineers and it’s referred to as LiveMap. The GPS helmet shows navigation directions instantly on the visor, so the motorcyclist by no means has to take his or her eyes off the road, and it responds to voice management.

CEO Andrew Artshchev advised Reuters that he was impressed to create the sensible helmet by fighter pilot expertise. “I learnt about the idea of aviation helmets and determined to create a civil motorcycling helmet on that mannequin, which might present not goal detection for pilots, however navigational data, to show proper or left and so on,” he mentioned.

The Android-enabled sensible helmet goes on sale in the States this summer time. It ought to be accessible for $2,000 by August.

Watch the Reuters video under to see the way it works:

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