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Telescope’s launch makes Christmas merry for space fans, but the ride has just begun

The costliest telescope in the recognized universe has begun its journey to a vantage level 1,000,000 miles from Earth with its launch from French Guiana.

As we speak’s liftoff of an Ariane 5 rocket from the European Space Company’s South American spaceport, coming at 9:20 a.m. native time (4:20 a.m. PT), was just the first step of what’s anticipated to be a monthlong journey for NASA’s $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope.

“Every little thing fell collectively on this Christmas Day to ship a brand new current to the world’s astronomers,” NASA launch commentator Rob Navias stated.

Flight controllers broke into applause when the telescope separated from the Ariane 5’s second stage. “Go Webb!” vary operations supervisor Jean-Luc Voyer cried.

NASA Administrator Invoice Nelson famous that the James Webb Space Telescope is designed to look again to an age when the first stars and galaxies shaped, greater than 13.5 billion years in the past.

“It’s a time machine,” Nelson stated. “It’s going to take us again to the very beginnings of the universe. We’re going to uncover unbelievable issues that we by no means imagined.”

JWST is because of settle right into a area of space referred to as the Solar-Earth Lagrange Level 2, or L2, the place the gravitational pulls of Earth and the solar align to assist maintain spacecraft in a steady place inside Earth’s shadow. Alongside the approach, the telescope must unfurl its sunshield and its segmented mirror in a course of that’s stated to have 344 potential single points of failure.

We now have LIFTOFF of the @NASAWebb Space Telescope!

At 7:20am ET (12:20 UTC), the starting of a brand new, thrilling decade of science climbed to the sky. Webb’s mission to #UnfoldTheUniverse will change our understanding of space as we all know it.

NASA’s venture, taken on in partnership with ESA and the Canadian Space Company, needed to climate billions of {dollars} in price overruns and years of delay. When the venture was conceived in the Nineteen Nineties, the Ariane 5 was the solely rocket highly effective sufficient to conduct the liftoff, which meant the telescope needed to be transported by ship to the launch web site.

Just days earlier than liftoff, a communications glitch and weather worries compelled the launch to be rescheduled for Christmas — complicating vacation plans for astronomers round the world.

Due to the telescope’s far-off vacation spot, it could actually’t be repaired by a crew of astronauts after launch. There’s no alternative to repair any optical shortcomings, as was the case after the Hubble Space Telescope’s deployment. Ensuring the telescope is as fail-safe as attainable is one massive purpose for the $10 billion price.

“Those that usually are not anxious and even terrified about this usually are not understanding what we try to do,” Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA’s affiliate administrator for science, stated in a pre-launch blog post.

What NASA is making an attempt to do is take astronomy to a degree past what’s achievable with Hubble, which is presently in its thirty second yr of operation. To get there, scientists and engineers designed a telescope with a gold-plated, beryllium mirror so massive (6.5 meters or 21.3 toes vast) that it needed to be folded up origami-style for launch.

The Webb telescope’s 18-segment mirror has almost seven times the light-gathering capability of Hubble’s mirror, and a considerably wider subject of view. NASA says Webb’s devices are 100 instances extra delicate than Hubble’s.

JWST is optimized for infrared observations, that are significantly suited for finding out the dusty locations the place planets are born, and the redshifted edges of the observable universe.

James Davenport, an astronomer at the College of Washington who performed a task in deciding on which tasks will get the telescope’s statement time, stated JWST ought to open a brand new window on the universe.

“Astronomers at UW have been making predictions of what JWST will observe for years,” he stated in an electronic mail. “From measuring the environment compositions from close by extrasolar planets, looking out for ‘Planet 9,’ and even finding out particular person stars in different galaxies.”

He stated he and his colleagues at UW shall be watching the telescope’s journey to L2 “with bated breath,” but with out a sense of impending doom.

“Truthfully, I’m not nervous in any respect,” Davenport stated. “The easiest minds have been engaged on this facility for nearly my total life … the delays have been to ensure all the pieces goes easy.” 

UW astronomer Emily Levesque was up early Christmas morning for the launch.

“Nice to see the launch go so fantastically, and that decision of “Séparation Webb Space Telescope, GO WEBB!” was spectacular and emotional to listen to,” she advised GeekWire in an electronic mail. “We bought a lovely view of JWST because it separated and opened its photo voltaic array, and now the long adventure of deployment and the journal to L2 begins. … Again to mattress over right here for a pair hours, but hooray!!”

Right here it’s: humanity’s ultimate take a look at @NASAWebb because it heads into deep space to reply our greatest questions. Alone in the vastness of space, Webb will quickly start an roughly two-week course of to deploy its antennas, mirrors, and sunshield. #UnfoldTheUniverse

Replace for 10:20 a.m. Dec. 25: In a post-launch follow-up electronic mail, UW astronomer James Davenport admitted to feeling a way of aid:

“Properly, a really merry Christmas for all astronomers this morning!! It’s an enormous sigh of aid and pleasure to see this mighty telescope start its journey.

“Already astronomers are chattering about find out how to catch a glimpse of JWST because it travels to L2 with telescopes on the floor! Even at its parking place, we must always be capable of ‘see’ JWST with our observatories on the floor, and perhaps even in space with a near-Earth facility like TESS! It’s a foolish, but extremely human response to such a monumental factor as Webb, desirous to catch a glimpse.”

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