The Male Y Chromosome Does More Than We Thought – Could Explain Why Men Suffer Differently From COVID-19

The Male Y Chromosome Does More Than We Thought – Could Explain Why Men Suffer Differently From COVID-19

The Male Y Chromosome Does More Than We Thought – Could Explain Why Men Suffer Differently From COVID-19

New mild is being shed on a little-known position of Y chromosome genes, particular to males, that would clarify why males endure otherwise than ladies from numerous ailments, together with Covid-19.

The findings have been revealed this month in Scientific Reviews by Université de Montréal professor Christian Deschepper, director of the Experimental Cardiovascular Biology analysis unit of the Montreal Medical Analysis Institute.

“Our discovery gives a greater understanding of how male genes on the Y chromosome enable male cells to operate otherwise from feminine cells,” stated Deschepper, the examine’s lead creator, who can also be an affiliate professor at McGill College.

“Sooner or later, these outcomes may assist to shed some mild on why some ailments happen otherwise in women and men.”

People every have 23 pairs of chromosomes, together with one pair of intercourse chromosomes. Whereas females carry two X intercourse chromosomes, males carry one X and one Y chromosome. This male chromosome carries genes that females lack. Though these male genes are expressed in all cells of the physique, their solely confirmed position thus far has been primarily restricted to the features of the intercourse organs.

In his examine, Deschepper carried out a genetic manipulation that inactivated two male genes on the Y chromosome, altering a number of signalling pathways that play vital roles in sure features of non-sex organ cells. For instance, below stress, among the affected mechanisms may affect the way in which by which cells in human hearts defend themselves towards aggressions resembling ischemia (diminished blood provide) or mechanical stress.

As well as, the examine confirmed that these male genes carried out their regulatory features in a means that was uncommon in comparison with the mechanisms usually utilized by most different genes on the non-sex chromosomes. Thus, as a substitute of particularly activating sure genes by direct motion on the genome stage, the Y chromosome appears to have an effect on mobile features by performing on protein manufacturing.

The discovery of those variations in operate could clarify partially why the features of male Y chromosome genes have thus far been poorly understood, stated Deschepper.

Males differ from females within the manifestation, severity and penalties of most ailments. A current instance of this duality is Covid-19, which has a mortality charge twice as excessive in males than in ladies.

Reference: “Regulatory results of the Uty/Ddx3y locus on neighboring chromosome Y genes and autosomal mRNA transcripts in grownup mouse non-reproductive cells” by Christian F. Deschepper, 10 September 2020, Scientific Reviews.
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-020-71447-3

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