The man behind the Millennium Falcon: Meet the main ‘Star Wars’ toy designer

Completely satisfied Pressure Friday!

This a.m., Bloomberg Enterprise brings us this incredible look at the man who’s designed over 4 many years of these superior Star Wars toys — together with the first toy Millennium Falcon.

The profile options Mark Boudreaux, who jokes that his group first obtained the licensing deal for Star Wars gear in 1977 “with $50 and a handshake.”

Properly, it’s been an incredible journey since then, particularly for a juggernaut that’s set to rake in as much as $5 billion in toy gross sales in the coming months, as we reported yesterday.

On this Bloomberg video, you’ll not solely utterly geek out over Boudreaux’s workplace/assortment of Star Wars toys, however you’ll get some insider information as to what goes into the course of.

He shares nuggets like for the upcoming Star Wars movie, the toy designers simply get to learn the script — they haven’t seen the movie. In order that they actually need to wing it with regards to some design parts. He says that they add modifications to a few of the autos, or particular add-ons, you received’t see in the films.

“Generally we’re in a position to truly put our faces onto Star Wars characters,” he says.

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