The Mortal Kombat movie is at its best when it mimics the games

The Mortal Kombat movie is at its best when it mimics the games

For a collection about folks getting their spines ripped out, Mortal Kombat has a shocking quantity of story. the combating franchise has amassed a big mythos, crammed with histories, lore, and motivations for its many combatants, that are largely used to reply the query of why someone is having their backbone and / or arms eliminated. You wouldn’t actually know that from watching the new movie, although. The movie options loads of callouts to the games — grotesque fatalities, goofy one-liners, and plenty of acquainted faces — however it by no means stops lengthy sufficient to inform you why you need to care about something. It’s additionally not significantly enjoyable, regardless of all of the aforementioned ripped-off arms.

Mortal Kombat largely follows the identical fundamental premise as the games, the place champions from Earth face off in opposition to creatures from a spot referred to as the Netherrealm in a combating match, with the destiny of the world hanging in the stability. In the movie, there’s a slight twist as Earth’s champions are chosen for this job — and so they know they’re chosen as a result of all of them have matching Mortal Kombat dragon emblem birthmarks. Sadly, their Netherrealm counterparts have determined to not play honest and are searching down Earth fighters forward of the match, in order that they will win by default.

In fact, that premise is largely only a technique to clarify the motion, and, for the most half, the movie does ship on that entrance. In the early phases, you get to see precisely why Sub-Zero is so feared; he makes use of his ice powers to terrorize a complete metropolis block and, sure, rip off somebody’s arms. (Sorry Jax.) Later, when the two realms face off, it’s an unbelievable spectacle. There’s a sequence the place an invisible Reptile is stabbed with a flare so he might be tracked in the darkish, in addition to a fully brutal battle with a really CG-looking Goro — Mortal Kombat’s iconic four-armed warrior — who doesn’t have 4 arms by the finish.

However the story will get in the approach of all that. The setup is a bit like an enormous superhero epic, with a bunch of superpowered of us banding collectively to battle a typical foe. However not like, say, The Avengers and even Justice League, Mortal Kombat doesn’t spend practically sufficient time introducing its enormous forged. The first half of the nearly two-hour-long movie is a blur, racing from one character to the subsequent, whereas additionally attempting to arrange the guidelines of this distinctive fantasy world.

It’s each an excessive amount of and never sufficient: there’s an amazing quantity of data, however the movie doesn’t provide you with a cause to care about any of it. I couldn’t inform you a lot about the principal forged other than fundamental particulars like “washed-up MMA fighter” or “actually critical military man.” There are many dramatic moments and twists the place it’s clear the movie desires you to be emotionally invested, however they by no means hit as supposed. It’s additionally severely missing a humorousness. The closest factor to a joke you’ll discover is when somebody factors out that “kombat” is spelled unsuitable.

The movie is really at its best when it mimics the games. In a sequence towards the finish, fighters are warped round the world for one-on-one battles full with grotesque fatalities. There are lots of deaths in Mortal Kombat, and, similar to in the games, they’re gleefully sadistic. Heads get sawed in half, limbs are lopped off, and blood flows freely. Somebody even says “flawless victory” after a very bloody kill. The combating is a fantastic combination of virtually balletic martial arts and harsh violence. It appears to be like cool and it hits onerous.

There simply isn’t sufficient of it. If Mortal Kombat was nothing greater than a gentle stream of fastidiously choreographed fights and creative deaths, I’d be all for it. That’s sort of the franchise’s complete deal. However as an alternative it spends far an excessive amount of power on the how and why, with out really delving deep sufficient to make both compelling. It desires to be each a ridiculous motion movie and a critical one, and people two sides by no means absolutely gel. Even worse, it’s barely an entire story; as an alternative of a real ending, Mortal Kombat finishes with an enormous tease for an additional movie. It’s like a two-hour-long prologue.

Enjoying Mortal Kombat is brutal and bloody, however it’s additionally a variety of enjoyable — the movie is lacking out on a lot of the latter.

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