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The New Success Mindset

Table of Contents

The New Success Mindset -

The New Success Mindset teaches people the traits they need to succeed. It first looks at a few of the classic traits we have come to learn contribute to our success. Then it zeros in on 6 “new” traits that are more important in the current world than they ever been before.

Provided in the following formats: docx/pdf/pages/txt.

Sections Include:

  • Introduction
  • What Is A Success?
    • Success Can Be Measured
    • Success Requires Action
    • Success Is Personal
  • The Classics
    • Successful People Are Fearless
    • Successful People Are Competitive
    • Successful People Are Rabid Learners
    • Successful People Are Great At Networking
    • Successful People Are Goal Setters
    • Successful People Take Action
    • Successful People Stay Positive
    • Successful People Believe In Themselves
    • Successful People Practice Gratitude
    • Successful People Take Responsibility
  • New Success
    • They Are Empathetic
    • They Are Technologically Savvy
    • They Are Authentic
    • They Are Vulnerable
    • They Are Adaptable
    • They Can Clear Their Mind
  • Conclusion

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