The next great experiment in space? Aging whisky

The next great experiment in space? Aging whisky

Neglect oak barrels — Japanese distillery Suntory is sending its world-famous whisky to age in house.

That’s proper. Suntory is conducting maybe the best experiment in alcohol ever to find out the “growth of mellowness in alcoholic beverage by the usage of a microgravity atmosphere,” because it said in this press release.

Suntory is understood for its wonderful whisky. Final yr its Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013 was named the world’s best by Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2015, but it surely appears making one of the best whisky on earth is just not sufficient. The firm finally desires to find out the “mechanism that makes alcohol mellow,” one thing that also puzzles researchers and whisky makers in every single place.

The great house whisky experiment will occur on the Worldwide House Station’s Japanese Experiment Module (nicknamed “Kibo”), with the assist of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Company (JAXA). JAXA will launch the 2 teams of whisky experiments on Aug. 16. The first group will probably be left to age on the ISS a couple of yr, the second at the least two years or longer.

Suntory hypothesizes that zero gravity will assist make the whisky “mellower,” with its analysis on earth indicating that an atmosphere with little temperature change, convection of fluids and shaking tends to make higher booze.

Will house whisky be higher than earth whisky? Don’t get excited but. Based on the Wall Road Journal, the corporate will bring back the whisky to be sampled in the lab solely.

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