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The Persuasion Code

The Persuasion Code

The Persuasion Code: How to Start and Scale Your Affiliate Marketing Side Hustle With Email!

Here’s what’s inside The Persuasion Code:


  • Learn how to write words that persuade your reader to take action and click your affiliate link, share your content, or subscribe to your email list
  • Discover how to use “psychological undulation” to bypass the logic center of your prospects brain and hijack their emotions
  • Prime your reader to buy from you with a versatile formula that works on all your promotional content

You’re going to learn a universal copywriting formula that acts as “skeleton key” and will change the way you think about writing affiliate promotions like:

  • Emails
  • Landing Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Articles
  • Tweets
  • Facebook Ads
  • Product Descriptions
  • And More


  • Create a persuasive lead magnet using “The Hollywood Formula” that pulls your followers into you email list and primes them to buy from you and only you
  • My top secret “Affiliate Hijack” technique that is guaranteed to double or even triple your weekly Gumroad paychecks (nobody else is doing this)
  • 3 quick and easy ways to instantly boost your conversions and make more sales as soon as someone subscribes to your email list

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