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The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing – The most comprehensive guide to affiliate marketing ever created.

This book included everything you need to get started as an affiliate marketer.

There are 18 sections, each one drills down into a specific topic.

Here are the different sections in the course:

  1. Introduction – An overview of the course, how to use it, and what I can teach you.
  2. What is Affiliate Marketing – The fundamentals of how affiliate marketing works, the people involved, and the pros and cons of this industry.
  3. FAQ – The most common questions new affiliate marketers have, and my answers.
  4. Mindsets – How to build a “millionaire mindset”, because you can have every single strategy in the world, but they are all worthless if you can’t execute them.
  5. Affiliate Networks – How affiliate networks and affiliate managers operate, and how to them to build your business.
  6. Free vs Paid Traffic – Debunking the myth that there is “free” traffic in the first place, and why paid traffic is so much more lucrative to affiliates.
  7. Traffic Sources – The best traffic sources for affiliates to run campaigns on, and the ones to stay away from as a newbie.
  8. Verticals & Offers – An overview of the top CPA offers and verticals, monetization models, and how to pick your first offer/vertical.
  9. Ads & Copywriting – The different ad types, headline formulas, and my biggest copywriting tips
  10. Angles – How to brainstorm new angles, how to split test them, and use them in your campaigns.
  11. Landing Pages – Framework for a landing page that converts, along with my tips on how to boost conversions and set one up.
  12. Hosting – How to setup your domain name and hosting, and push your landing pages live on the internet.
  13. Tracking – A complete guide to setting up your tracking software (Voluum) and a custom tracking domain.
  14. Launching a Campaign – The step-by-step guide to launching now that you have your setup ready.
  15. Optimizing a Campaign – What you do after you’ve launched your first campaign to get it profitable, and the top only variables to focus on as a newbie.
  16. Newbie Strategy – Specific tips to help you launch your campaign in the most efficient way possible and avoid the most common newbie mistakes.
  17. Resource Guide and Tools – What’s essential (affiliate network, traffic, hosting, and Voluum) and what’s optional (forums, spy tools, translations etc).
  18. What’s Next? – What steps to take now, and where to from here.

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