This photo archive of Apollo astronauts’ pics on Flickr will blow your mind
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This photo archive of Apollo astronauts’ pics on Flickr will blow your mind

This must be one of probably the most spectacular photo archives on earth — Project Apollo Archive is 1000’s of pictures taken by Apollo astronauts on Flickr.

Thus far, practically 12,000 pictures have been loaded, all taken by Apollo astronauts throughout missions to the moon.

Because the Planetary Society notes, the archive is the work of Kipp Teague, who created Project Apollo Archive in 1999. He’s now migrated “new, unprocessed variations of unique NASA photo scans” to Flickr.

The Flickr assortment consists of, “each photo taken on the lunar floor by astronauts with their chest-mounted Hasselblad cameras…together with quite a few different Hasselblad pictures shot from Earth and lunar orbit, in addition to throughout the journey between the 2,” Teague advised the Planetary Society.

If you happen to see some Apollo missions lacking from the Flickr archive, don’t sweat it. Teague says he’s working on loading extra pictures quickly — particularly these from Apollo 7, 9, 10 and 13 — and is requesting extra photos from NASA.

Observe updates on the Flickr web site via Fb here.

Beneath just a few pictures:

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