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Top 25 highest-paying U.S. workplaces: Guess which tech companies made the new list

Technology and consulting companies dominate Glassdoor’s new annual ranking of the highest-paying workplaces in America. Twenty-four out of the 25 businesses on the list are from one of the two industries. Skilled and specialized workers in these fields are in high demand and rare supply, which drives up average compensation,according to Glassdoor, .

“Salaries are sky-high at consulting companies due to ‘barriers of entry’ in this field, which refers to employers wanting top consultants to have personal contacts, reputations and specialized skills and knowledge,” Glassdoor Chief Economist Andrew Chamberlain said in a press release. “In technology, we continue to see unprecedented salaries as the war for talent is still very active, largely due to the ongoing shortage of highly skilled workers needed.”

A.T. Kearney, a Chicago-based consulting firm, topped the list with a median total compensation of $167,534.

Among tech companies, Juniper Networks came in third at $157,000. Google came in fifth at $153,750.

Lab126, Amazon’s California-based research and development subsidiary, ranked seventh at $150,100. Lab126 is the division responsible for the company’s hardware, including the Kindle, Echo and Fire TV.

Microsoft and F5 Networks, two other Seattle tech companies also made the list, as well as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Adobe.

Glassdoor’s ranking is based on salaries shared by employees on the compensation database and jobs site. Employees reported their salaries anonymously and included other forms of compensation, such as bonuses.

Last month, Glassdoor revealed its list of the 25 highest paying jobs in America, with tech careers comprising roughly half.

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