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Total Solar Eclipse Below the Bottom of the World Captured From Airplane

Total Solar Eclipse Below the Bottom of the World. Credit score & Copyright: Petr Horálek (ESO Photo Ambassador, Inst. of Physics in Opava)

On Saturday, December 4, 2021, there was a complete photo voltaic eclipse seen solely at the finish of the Earth. To seize the uncommon phenomenon, airplanes took flight beneath the clouded seascape of the Southern Ocean.

The featured picture (above) exhibits one comparatively spectacular seize the place the shiny spot is the outer corona of the Solar and the eclipsing Moon is seen as the darkish spot in the heart. A wing and engine of the airplane are seen throughout the left and backside of the picture, whereas one other airplane observing the eclipse is seen on the far left.

The darkish space of the sky surrounding the eclipsed Solar is known as a shadow cone. It’s darkish as a result of you’re looking down a protracted hall of air shadowed by the Moon. A cautious inspection of the eclipsed Solar will reveal the planet Mercury simply to the proper.

The subsequent whole photo voltaic eclipse shadow will cross elements of Australia and Indonesia in April of 2023, whereas the one after that may cross North America in April of 2024.

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