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Video: Microsoft Kinect powers augmented-reality magic show

Perhaps Microsoft Kinect might exchange Microsoft PowerPoint sometime?

That was my first thought whereas watching this TED presentation by high-tech magician Marco Tempest, known for his iPhone and iPod magic tricks.

It has been fascinating to see all of the unexpected applications for Kinect bobbing up as Microsoft’s sensor know-how expands from the Xbox 360 to Home windows. However I’ve by no means earlier than seen something fairly this superior.

This newest video from TED was only recently made out there on-line. I noticed it on Lengthy Zheng’s iStartedSomething blog. Tempest explains his method in this post on the TED blog.

On this piece I attempt to use magic to prototype or sandbox a potential future the place 3D sensors and gestural sensing are clever and ubiquitous. Think about the probabilities of a system like this for everyday communication or schooling. A digital storytelling instrument for the long run?

Technically I’m combining a HD video digicam with the depth digicam of a Kinect. I personally grow to be a digital object on a digital stage filmed by a digital digicam and projected behind me in real-time. All visuals are generated in real-time and the sleight of hand and augmentation are blended seamlessly to inform the story of storytelling and magic.

Additionally see this Creative Applications Network post for extra background on the undertaking.
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