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Cryptocurrencies have merged with a series of financial and economic concepts allowing more people to access them.

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The ease and comfort of cryptographic operations have become part of electronic commerce. It is when companies are becoming interested in diversifying their client portfolios and, therefore, their payment methods.

What are Bitcoin payments?

Before our eyes, we have seen the evolution of marketing, which has now moved to digital in conjunction with electronic commerce, managing several platforms arranged so that users have a sufficiently comfortable and versatile experience.

The payment methods have been updated, and the platforms offer more and more options when canceling the acquisition or purchase of a good or service; such is the case that previously, only electronic payments could be made through Credit Cards or Bank transfers.

With the beginning of payments through consolidated platforms that accept Bitcoin as financial payment instruments, it becomes much more comfortable for those who have units of these digital currencies to cancel their purchases through the platforms that provide the necessary support where the protection of your data is the main thing.

The benefits generated by making payments with Bitcoin are multiple, among which is the ability to carry out international operations without needing a specific traditional currency; there are no geographical borders to make purchases and pay them with Bitcoin.

Second, the costs per transaction are much lower than those of a traditional payment method.

Merchants benefit notably since they can change the cryptographic units received or leave them invested in their wallets and revalue them.

On the other hand, the merchants benefit from the blockchain network where the operations are irreversible, the approval of the transactions is definitive, and the negotiations cannot be canceled on a whim.

What can we buy with Bitcoin?

At this point in the history of humanity, where the technology represents the engine of the world’s economic operations, a wide variety of products, goods, and services can be purchased virtually and using digital currencies.

It all depends on each company’s policies to carry out transactions electronically since the volatility of digital currencies could contribute to operations being temporarily suspended at any given time.

Some products, goods, and services that can be paid for with Bitcoin are Video Games, Tickets and Travel, Software, Gift Cards, clothing, real estate, and personal items.

Companies that accept payments or transactions with Bitcoin

Many companies and large corporations have decided to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment method or, failing that, carry out negotiations or purchase and sale transactions in a regulated manner.

MasterCard offers its clients and future users the power to make purchases or payments for services through their credit cards in physical or digital establishments that accept this recognized payment method; the name of the instrument created is CriptanCard.

PayPal, Its Checkout service with Crypto offers its users the ability to make payments with Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Starbucks, in 2021, began to accept payments with Bitcoin in the franchise’s more than 30,000 establishments worldwide, where the instrument used is the Bakkt digital wallet.

Destinia, the website for tourism destinations and services, offers payment for the purchase of products in bitcoin, even in the slightest expression of the unit of this respected digital currency.

Microsoft, through its BitPay platform, accepts payment with Bitcoin for purchasing products and services, including video games and applications.

Shopify through this platform, thousands of users, manage to materialize their business ideas, and that is when they need to carry out their transactions, having the possibility of doing them with cryptocurrencies.

Many establishments accept bitcoin; even small businesses are beginning to use this payment method since their trend constantly improves even under challenging situations with digital currencies.


Payment methods for electronic commerce have diversified, and it was fair to observe the presence of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in this economic sector, such as electronic commerce.

Digital currencies are leaving their mark and have reached a position important enough to let them be overlooked. Therefore, analyzing the cryptocurrency market and demonstrating its advantages and disadvantages is convenient. Without a doubt.

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