When Bitcoin originated, only a select group had access to the number one cryptocurrency in the world through bitcoinfastprofit platform.

Computer specialists were the primary holders of these digital currencies, whose issuance is entirely different from traditional currencies.

Bitcoin is considered one of the alternative financial investment options compared to traditional assets such as the dollar and gold.

Who at this point is unaware of the meaning and existence of Bitcoin can be summarized by saying that it is a digital currency with which purchase, sale, and exchange operations can be carried out through various exchange platforms.

Its main characteristic is that it is decentralized, meaning no entity or third party can manipulate or control the operations carried out through it. Its issuance occurs through a process known as mining, and this is developed through the blockchain.

The way to operate with these virtual currencies is through electronic purses or wallets, where the balances are usually deposited. From there, they can be transferred with cryptographic keys to other wallets.

To date, many establishments can make purchases and use Bitcoin as a payment method, which indicates the position that the digital currency has.

How cryptocurrencies work

The lack of regulation and control by third parties makes their valuation and operation utterly different from traditional currencies, starting with how they are digital and decentralized.

These digital currencies work through the platform or network known as a blockchain, where transactions made with cryptocurrencies are permanently recorded.

Once a purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies is made, the transaction cannot be canceled; this is one of the most critical features. The only way is to reverse it manually.

Because these currencies are not issued by a Central Bank or in physical form, their storage is carried out through electronic wallets.

How are cryptocurrencies acquired?

When it comes to investing, many doubts arise; people want to enter the world of cryptocurrencies, but they do not know how to do it, and that is where the source of information on which they base their searches is crucial.

According to statistical analyses on the management of cryptocurrencies, usually, the percentage of the population that knows the term cryptocurrencies is small at 10-15%, while 60% are in constant search of information but fear losing their money. if they invest

Before deciding to invest, it is necessary to recognize the type of asset that cryptocurrencies are since they do not usually have the same characteristics as financial assets.

These types of assets change their valuation constantly, depending entirely on the mood of the digital market.

The option to acquire cryptocurrencies is through exchange platforms, which have emerged radically; just as the market has increased, the amount of Exchange has increased.

Choosing the exchange platform is one of the most delicate and susceptible aspects, the security of our digital assets will depend on this.

Suppose the security level of these platforms is low. In that case, they are usually an easy target for hackers. In contrast, it is more difficult to access this type of application if the security system is high.

That is why security represents one of the main aspects to consider when selecting an Exchange; the trust that its users have is one of the elements that give a point in favor; on the other hand, they must be regulated by a set of services that provide a more excellent guarantee to transactions.

Depending on the type of Exchange, centralized or decentralized, the operations are initiated; if it is the first, the functions are essential through an intermediary, while the second operations are carried out directly between the parties.

These platforms are web pages through which you can buy, sell and exchange digital currencies; some of the best known are Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, eToro, and Bitpanda, among many more.


The inexperience or lack of information often makes many people feel alien to the circumstances around us.

The financial and economic events that are making history around us are becoming more and more, which is why we must be up to date with the possible opportunities that digital currencies can bring.

The goal is to know where to buy, what asset to purchase, and when the time is right, that is where the success of crypto investments lies.

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