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Whoa, Canada! Prime Minister Trudeau tries HoloLens at Microsoft’s new Vancouver office

Some politicians create their own reality, but today Justin Trudeau got to experience Microsoft’s augmented reality.

Canada’s Prime Minister tried out a Microsoft HoloLens holographic headset at the grand opening of the company’s new Vancouver, B.C., development center this morning — resulting in the epic photo opportunity above.

Microsoft is showing that it recognizes the country’s tremendous potential to be a world leader in the innovation sector,” Trudeau said, as quoted in a Microsoft blog post. “It will provide new opportunities for Canada’s young people, and our highly educated workforce as a whole, to shape the future.”

Microsoft’s HoloLens headset places holographic images over a real-world objects. Microsoft Vancouver employees work on apps for HoloLens, in addition to programs such as Skype and OneNote, video games like Gears of War.

The company’s 142,000-square-foot development facility, at 725 Granville, consolidates its Vancouver workforce into one place from three previous locations. Microsoft currently has 568 employees in Vancouver, and the new Microsoft Canada Excellence Centre will accommodate approximately 750 people.

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