Why the sad face? Amazon driver leaving packages upside down as part of ‘No More Smiles’ protest

Amazon is probably not smiling this morning about an apparent protest movement started by a driver who is placing cardboard boxes upside down during deliveries to make it look like the company’s logo is a frown.

, user AugustaSummerz discussed what they called their own movement — “No More Smiles With Amazon.” The post is accompanied by a collage of images showing packages in front of doorways.

The post appeared in the subreddit , a group for independent Delivery Service Partners that has more than 8,000 members. Replies on the post, indicate that other drivers have either already been doing the same thing, think it’s a good idea, or have suggestions for other names for the movement, such as “Amazon Crime.”

Dave Lee, a correspondent with Financial Times, tweeted the Reddit image. He later replied, “Here’s hoping DoorDash drivers never try this.”

Meanwhile on Reddit, Amazon delivery drivers are discussing leaving packages upside down — a frown — as a form of protest against working conditions

— Dave Lee (@DaveLeeFT)

The frowning packages are showing up as Amazon confronts a number of issues related to working conditions for both delivery drivers and fulfillment center employees.

Amazon has been dealing with from reports that many drivers are unable to take bathroom breaks while working and have resorted to urinating in bottles.

The at a warehouse in Bessemer, Ala., are also due any day now and could have broad implications for Amazon and the labor movement across the United States.

GeekWire has reached out to Amazon for comment on the frowning packages and will update this story when we hear back.

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