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Xbox One gets its own keyboard and mouse: First look at Razer’s new peripheral for Microsoft console

In advance of next month’s in Las Vegas, the Singaporean hardware manufacturer has shared images of its forthcoming keyboard and mouse for the Xbox One. We’ve known for a while that Razer , but today marks the first time it’s shown any images.

Microsoft that it was testing keyboard and mouse compatibility on the Xbox One, after several years where but never quite materialized. Keyboard and mouse support was eventually .

The feature must be deliberately built into an Xbox game by its developers in order for it to work, and at time of writing, can be used with a keyboard and mouse. Most of them are independent games, in addition to Warframe (a free-to-play third-person shooter by Canadian developers Digital Extremes) and Fortnite (you know what Fortnite is).

ICYMI: showed off the first Xbox One mouse and keyboard (full reveal coming next month @ CES )

— Larry Hryb (@majornelson)

The issue of using a keyboard and mouse on console is a surprisingly hard-fought battle among video game hobbyists, many of whom feel that the additional fine control given by a mouse both offers a potential competitive edge and makes certain types of games more fun, particularly first- and third-person shooters.

As more titles begin to offer cross-platform multiplayer, such as Minecraft and Fortnite, it’s likely that Microsoft’s move here will either fuel more players to move to the platform, or encourage Sony and Nintendo to roll out similar hardware peripherals for the PlayStation 4 and Switch. The alternative is for PS4/Switch players to run the risk of feeling handicapped by their choice of console whenever they try to take on Xbox owners in multiplayer games.

Razer was established in 2005 as a global brand, beginning with mice, keyboards, and other peripherals before moving into arcade sticks, tablets, PCs, and phones. Razer’s products are specifically intended for the hardcore-gamer demographic, and the multiple esports competitors and teams.

It first announced back in late September that it had partnered up with Microsoft to make sure its products were well-suited to the Xbox One. Many of Razer’s PC-focused mice and keyboards are already compatible with the console, but its forthcoming keyboard/mouse combo is specifically designed with the Xbox in mind.

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