YouTube king Psy is back with creep-tacular new video ‘Daddy’

Drake, you could be tops on Spotify, however in terms of YouTube Psy continues to be the daddy of all of them.

YouTube viral sensation Psy, who amassed almost 2.5 billion views of 2012’s “Gangnam Fashion,” has returned. And let’s simply say, he’s dialed the weirdness issue properly previous 11.

Within the video for the new music “Daddy,” you will notice Psy’s head photoshopped onto a child’s physique as he sings the position of being a participant, a talent that he picked up, you guessed it, from Daddy.

Posted yesterday, the video already has almost 7 million views.

Psy additionally posted a new video for an additional new music “Napal Baji,” which has greater than 2.3 million views. See that under:

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