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    Science & Technology
    April 7, 2023

    Potentially Hazardous “Planet Killer” Asteroid Discovered Lurking in the Inner Solar System

    Twilight observations with the US Department of Energy-fabricated Dark Energy Camera at NOIRLab’s Cerro Tololo…
    Science & Technology
    April 6, 2023

    Surviving the Extreme: Scientists Discover Life in the Smoke of Underwater Volcanoes

    Enceladus black smoker at the Aurora Vent Field. Credit: HACON cruise 2021, REV Ocean In…
    Science & Technology
    April 7, 2023

    This Week @NASA: Nuclear Space Travel, SpaceX Crew-6 Mission, Honoring Our Fallen Heroes

    Honoring our fallen heroes … Working on a nuclear option for space travel … And…
    Science & Technology
    April 8, 2023

    The “Grandest Canyon” in the Solar System: Mars Express Captures Stunning Images of Massive Martian Canyon

    Ius and Tithonium Chasmata on Mars. This image from ESA’s Mars Express shows Ius and…
      37 mins ago

      Plastic Upcycling Breakthrough: New Waste-Free, Scalable Process

      The team’s newly developed chemical process can upcycle polyesters to morpholine amides using the solvent morpholine and a small amount…
      2 hours ago

      One-Millionth of One-Millionth of a Second – Scientists View the “Transition State” of a Photochemical Reaction in Real-Time

      Artist’s illustration of the observed photochemical “transition state” structure (center). This state lasts less than one-millionth of one-millionth of a…
      4 hours ago

      Da Vinci’s Secret – Scientists Discover Toxic Pigments Hidden in the Mona Lisa

      Recent studies highlight Leonardo da Vinci’s experimental use of lead(II) oxide in the foundational layers of his artworks, notably the…
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