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    Science & Technology
    April 8, 2023

    NASA’s $10 Billion Webb Space Telescope Struck by Micrometeoroid

    This artist’s conception shows the fully unfolded James Webb Space Telescope in space. Credit: Adriana…
    Science & Technology
    April 6, 2023

    A Race Against Time: NASA Readies for Historic Asteroid Sample Delivery

    NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission. Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft…
    Science & Technology
    April 8, 2023

    NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover: Sometimes Things Get Complicated

    Perseverance sizes up Betty’s Rock on Sol 477 (June 23, 2022): This interesting layered rock…
    Science & Technology
    April 8, 2023

    Don’t Miss: Planet Viewing, Perseids Outlook, and Flying With Cygnus the Swan

    What’s Up for August 2022? Grab your binoculars for planet viewing, the outlook for the…
      7 seconds ago

      SERS and Gold: Unraveling the Aromatic Code

      A breakthrough in detecting aromatic molecules on gold surfaces has been achieved through Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy, offering new insights into…
      1 hour ago

      Outsmarting Counterfeit Detector Pens With Clever Chemistry [Video]

      Delving into the chemistry of counterfeit detection pens, this video covers various experimental attempts to modify their reaction with starch.…
      2 hours ago

      Electrolysis Reimagined: Turning Renewable Energy Into Green Hydrogen

      A new method for green hydrogen production, introduced by Technion researchers, leverages renewable energy for a cleaner, efficient, and cost-effective…
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